Speech Camp Talks

Most of these talks come with activities, some more active than others. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing conducive to movement.

Professional Presentation Skills - In this highly interactive session, you will learn the mannerisms of professional speakers. In the activity, everyone will get a chance to speak and be evaluated. We can all improve our presentation skills, and we will do this in a fun and relatively safe environment.

SCORREing Your Speeches Part 1 – Studies show that most people leave a talk without knowing what the objective of the speaker was. On top of that, 50%+ of the speakers can’t state their objective in just a couple sentences. This method forces you to actually make sense and give a memorable speech. Learn to SCORRE your talks and get some practice in this talk and exercise.

SCORREing Your Speeches - Practice - This session will take you through preparing and giving a short speech using the SCORRE Method.

Story-Branding Your Speeches - Whether you are in Speech, Debate, interviewing for a job, marketing, or a myriad of other things, understanding the power and importance of Story will help drive your narrative. Knowing your part of the story, as well as those around you can set you up for success. Be prepared for a really fun activity too.

Limited Prep is Continuous Prep – There are many things you can do daily to improve your Limited Prep events. We'll examine these and put some into practice.

Competing Better in Apologetics – You have competed in Apol for a year or two, but can't seem to get a higher ranking. What can you do? This class will help you improve your skills and help you stand out in this event.

Mars Hill Mindset – How is this event different from Apologetics? Both in scope and objective. In this class, we will look at the original occurrence on Mars Hill with Paul, and then use that to inform you on how this event can be done.

Building Better Platform Speeches That Impact – The talk works best when the SCORRE talk has been given. We will get into the specifics of how to write and perform a Platform speech, as well as where to find material, and how to cut it to length.

Fine-Tuning Interps - Ahh! The Theater. I love a good interp, emphasis on good. From characterization, to voices, to cutting and blocking, so much can be done to improve your interps. As we explore these things, expect a few games, as well as some friendly competition.